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Quick- / Batchorder


If you often order many products in our store, the quickorder may help you to speed up the process and make it less complicated for you. Easily write the qty and sku delimited by a seperator into the text field and add all of them to your cart. Our automatically validation will help you to see possible errors before you submit the form.


If you insert different data into the text field, it will instantly start to validate it. For different state of things there were different icons and colors, to make it less difficult to identify them. Subsequent a list of all icons an their description:

  • loading =   the validation is currently in action
  • success =   the input is correct and the product is in stock
  • stock =   the input is correct, but the product is not in stock
  • fail =   ths input is incorrect or the product not known
  • fail =   Comment row without further action


Insert your wished qty and sku's, seperated by a delimiter (, ; | / \ - _ # =), into the text field. It should be only one qty-sku-realation per line. Some possible constellations are shown in the example below:

  • 1, 000117
  • 2,000117
  • 4; 000117
  • // Comment-Row
  • 3 | 000117 | Productname